July - Free Community Paper Month

Scarlette Merfeld
The last month has been full of activity as we prepare for the July celebration.

We had high hopes of landing a national sponsor but we just ran out of time and couldn’t nail down the final approvals necessary to move forward with the national organization we had been courting.

I wanted to make you aware of some addition details to the information sent out last month. The committee has developed a series of Free Community Paper promotional ads. I am pleased to report that Graphic Designer Hank McAfee from Tower Publications has done a great job on the layout of these ads which are now up on the Free Community Paper Month Web site, http://paperchain.org/freepapermonth.html

The created ads focus on the strength of our industry and readership. By using the heading "Free Community Paper, The best things in life are free". They personalize for our readers the concept of how their community paper is keeping it super local.

I also want to remind publishers and staff to try and get your city, town, or county government body to make the Free Community Paper Month Proclamation, officially proclaiming July as a special celebration of your paper. A copy of the sample proclamation can also be found on the web site noted above.

Remember, your paper has made a great investment in your community and this industry. Only you and your staff can help us bring that story alive to your readers in this consolidated industry-wide effort. Please consider active participation in the July 2014 Free Community Paper Month. We hope our efforts to secure a national partner/sponsor are buoyed by strong support from participating papers in 2014. If we can’t demonstrate our unity with a program like this it becomes difficult to prove it to an outside concern that our industry is worth an investment.

Visit us on Facebook and let us know your plans for Free Community Paper Month. Thank you in advance for all you do to enhance the industry with every
issue you publish and your support for this project.