Independent Local Papers vs. Daily Newspapers

The debate. Fact vs. Fiction. Research. Audits.

Community and niche publications bring buyers and sellers together with more audited circulation than your daily. During tough times, it’s more important to make the right advertising choice.

Community papers, entertainment weeklies, shopping guides and free publications reach over 65,000,000 audited homes per week… more than all the dailies combined nationwide.


  • Advertising & New Business Development within a Vertical Market
  • Advertising & New Business Development with Specific Geographic or Psychographic Criteria
  • National or Franchise Businesses that Seek to ‘Connect’ With Their Community
  • Test Marketing Products or Services
  • National Businesses with Regionalized Promotions & Products
  • Local Businesses

As media buying has taken on an entirely new scope, reaching new levels of negotiation, target marketing and quantitative performance. Today’s media buyers are charged with the mounting challenges in research and planning within a complex world.

Print media decisions come down to the analysis of audited circulation in relation to professional Reach, Penetration and Readership.

Reach tests the quality and reliability of a publication’s print run in combination with the methods of distribution – whether by carrier, mail or controlled bulk. Currently CVC, one of the nation’s most respected independent media auditing companies, reports a national average of 97.1% receivership for free local papers.

PENETRATION is where community papers are second to none. No other form of print or electronic media compares to free paper market penetration – whether you desire to target a specified demographic or a geographic region.

Proof of Readership requires auditor-to-reader contact in order to provide media buyers and publishers with the assurance that local newspapers are more than just delivered. The national average for community paper readership is 76.9%. That’s 3 out of every 4 households. In addition, readers of community newspapers report 74.4% of their buying decisions are made from free newspaper advertising and editorial.

Local papers cover every industry, every community, every lifestyle. To create strategic campaigns in print, online and through custom value programs, utilize PaperChain's free online directory of publications, or call 931.922.0484 for assistance with your next campaign.

Research and discover nearly 3,000 audited publications where some of the most effective campaigns unfold.