Community & Niche Media = Target Marketing

It’s this fusion of media in vertical or regional markets that has provided powerful results for national companies on a local level.

Community Newspapers & Special Interest Weeklies. The Original Social Medium. Local newspapers possess traits that are invariably similar to social media. They represent a more personal connection to the readership they serve by providing localized information not available in any other medium. Much like word-ofmouth and social media marketing, localized newspapers and niche weeklies inform and communicate on personally relevant topics from local government and sports to special interests and charitable causes.Localized campaigns placed by agencies have shown a trend for national companies to become active partners within their communities.

Rethink Shopping Guides
As a whole, Shoppers and Pennysavers have sustained throughout the economic downturn much like Walmart has reported growth in sales. Why? Studies have shown that consumers of all income levels are increasingly driven to incentive pricing and coupons. For companies seeking to market with a cost saving message, Shoppers and Pennysavers present a unique opportunity to expand a
client’s customer base through a controlled and targeted campaign.

The Marriage of Local Newspapers & Online
Newspapers have continually expanded their online editions to provide up-tothe-minute news and reader supplied content. As a result, the bond of newspapers and their readers has increased and two important forms of information distribution have evolved to best serve the needs of advertisers and readers.

The Advertising Challenge
How do you enter the fragmented mindset of the target consumer and appeal to his or her likes, dislikes, habits, rituals and needs? To accomplish this, local publishers and agencies have aligned to create strategic campaigns in print, online and through custom value programs. Visit for the latest news on the local media industry. Research and discover nearly 3,000 audited publications where some of the most effective campaigns unfold.